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Actually how this idea came to our mind that by clapping and rubbing of the sole during the bath, a man would never be sick. What we had observed that we are using clean water maintaining lot of hygein taking lot of precautions even than we fall sick but if we look at the animals they drink any dirty water not maintaining any hygein and not taking any precuations even than they rarely fall sick WHY ? because there imune system is very powerfull. Why there imune system is so powerful because they walk bare footed and because of this all the points of internal secretary organs which are situated either in hand or in the sole they gets pressurised naturally. In our olden days when we were going to temple we were walking barefooted and during prayer we were clapping so whatever animals are doing naturally we were doing through that actions. Now a days we are not doing both so we strongly recommend atleast clap 15 seconds daily and rub your sole during the bath.








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