Seminars on Energy Conservation through Cooling Towers.

Looking to the present scenario of power crisis, cooling tower can play a major role in the sector of energy conservation program.

We are taking this job as a social obligation  in the interest of the nation.

Do you know,

  • Cooling Tower is the most important equipment of the company but the most neglected one.
  • A 1o F cold water return from the COOLING TOWER can save 3% energy cost for your organisation which means 1o C cold water can save 10% overrall power cost in hard cash; which in turn millions of Rupees.
  • How to evaluate COOLlING TOWER efficiently.
  • How to improve it.
  • How to upgrade it.
  • How to inspect COOLING TOWER for profit.
  • How we can save energy in COOLING TOWERS itself.
  • How to evaluate Bid for COOLING TOWERS.

If you want to know all the above things; Please contact us for organising seminars on above subject.  Our one single seminar can save millions of Rupees for your organisation.

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