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The only trust in the world which collects trust only  not money. This trust is working India wide  for so many  large  organizations  like   NTPC, ONGC, IOCL, HPCL, GAIL, NFL, BHEL, RCF, HAL, BALCO, NALCO, INDAL, GRASIM, CENTURY RAYON, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA, BIRLA CORPORATION Ltd., INDIAN RAYON, RELIANCE, KRIBHCO, NMDC, JINDAL STRIPS LTD. etc for a nobel cause called TQP (Total Quality Person) a unique concept first time in the world.

The main mission of the trust :
To Make India debt free
To convert 9 tyre management into 3 tyre management.
To collect the trust of entire world.
To take humanity back to the nature.
To convert this world into heaven.
To make India Jagat Guru again.
God has provided us 42 servents. (32 teeth+ 2 hands+ 2 legs+ 2 ears+ 2 eyes+ 1 nose+1 tongue) and all the organs were designed for 100 years but because of lack of knowledge and poor maintenance we spoil them in just  50-60 years. In today's time whenever we buy any equipement we first ask what is its assured life  then we ask for the manual so that we can maintain it properly and can use more then assured life. But we are extremly sorry to say no such manual was prepared for Human Being, but you would very very glad to know that after  21 years of researches and deep thinking our Aayushmaan Bhav ( Live Long ) trust and research centre could prepare this manual. If you would follow our manual your all the above mentioned servents would give you accompany till the end of the life, means your eyes can see 100 years, your ears can hear 100 years, your heart can beat 100 years and all the organs of the body will give you service till the end of life in full efficiency.
Today whatever research and developments are going on that is only for those persons who has money in there pocket, but what will happen to those who has no money. We must realise  that our 40% people of the entire world population are living below poverty line. What will happen to them, but you would be glad to know that whatever research & developments we have performed which is useful for a very very poor person and for rich people also. So that every human being can survive happily and we can transform this world into heaven.


Probably our medical science had forgotten that human body has immune system also. Because of the ignorance of this immune system by over medication and unnatural life style this immune system got paralyzed and today entire world is facing the problem of ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFFICIENCY SYNDROME means AIDS. Now the question arises what to do ? How to improve the power of human body's immune system ?

For above we have the costless and very very effective solution. And the solution is only self management , clapping and rubbing your sole.

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